Parent-Child Dynamics – A Personal Approach

(VIDEO) Our first relationship from the womb that lasts forever (or at least through puberty) may well define our relating patterns as we become adults. Kim Marie, Managing Director of EAN worldwide, assists in this understanding at the recent Evolutionary Astrology Conference in Portland. This is an intensely personal case study for Kim Marie. You will learn astrology and get more astrology lessons about relationships and family astrology. This video reveals 9 factors in the chart relating to familial relationship dynamics. Running time 1 hour 17 minutes.

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Definitions for Evolutionary Astrology

(VIDEO) Key EA concepts and definitions are covered in this workshop created for beginning astrologers. Kim Marie takes the newer student through the basics in this streaming video that you canĀ  pause, stop and move through as you wish for one month. A indispensable resource to enhance your studies. 1 hour 47 minutes of educational astrology definitions.

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