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Forecast for September 10-17, 2014

Uranus and Mercury will be sparking the nodal axis bringing opportunity to figure out what emotional triggers remain. Are we still feeling angry and defensive? Wise to look for ways to really understand the sacred other at home and at work. Speaking of wisdom, Mars in Sagittarius will certainly provide some inspiration. Good time for a vision quest or perhaps just a simple journey to some sacred outdoor spot near you. Finally, Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and makes a last quarter square to Pluto in Capricorn standing still stationary direct. This is the time to review our values on the deepest levels and reap rewards. Are you being realistic with your resources? Dream all you want, but you remain your number one resource and you now have a great mix of planetary energies to manifest it all. Free Mercury Retrograde live webinar Sept. 29 at 6-8pm MDT. Must be on Astro News list to get the links.

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Forecast for September 4-10, 2014

A very active Harvest Moon (Pisces) and with the outer planets retrograde and two Yod formations, there is plenty of energy in the sky. Jupiter in Leo is making a waning inconjunct to Pluto. These are the outer, societal adjustments manifesting as incessant feedback from supervisors or tests on how far we can go. Objectify rather than personalize if you are experiencing power limitations. Later this month, Jupiter’s waxing inconjunct to Chiron will help us go deeper for personal revelations freeing up any remnants of victimization. Mercury will make three waxing sextiles to Jupiter over the course of its next retrograde emphasizing integrated communications. Finally, Venus in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces. Are you idealizing love in your life by seeing only the potential in your partners? Stay appreciative of yourself and others but get real if it is not working. Save the date: Free Mercury Rx webinar – September 29, 6-8 pm MDT. Get on Astro News list for details.

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Forecast for August 28 – September 3, 2014

Active Venus is square the Mars Pluto conjunction in Scorpio midweek and that could feel a little irritating for many of us. Venus’ sextile to the north node in Libra brings in all those relating issues so the frustrations we may be feeling are a reminder that we are all a work in progress on our way to unconditional love. Neptune retrograde in Pisces points to the Sun in Virgo and we have ample energy to feel elated on our spiritual path and aha moments help connect us to Source for healing. However, for many, this could also manifest as some resistance to all our work demands. Doesn’t the Universe know that I would rather be at the bar or the beach? Finally, Mercury’s ingress into Libra could actually help us in understanding what our colleagues and partners are really trying to say. Most of us listen not in order to understand but rather in order to reply. Good time to work on that one!  50% off Astro Library subscriptions through August 31 and get a reading with LeRoy for only $75.

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Forecast for August 21-28, 2014

We are harvesting some rewards with prior effort as Sun in Virgo previews our weekend. Innately we are all here to improve ourselves on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. This is the natural expression of Virgo energy. We also have Mars and Saturn in Scorpio making waning trines to Chiron in Pisces and waning semi-sextile to Uranus. Congruency of emotional stasis in our work and social environments will allow free and unfettered expression so watch for the control games. Chiron is making a waning semi-sextile to Uranus. Be willing to break free from any old wounds that haunt your inner landscape rather than re-imprinting them. Mercury, ruler of the Sun and new moon, is busy with aspects to Mars, Saturn, and Chiron personalizing our experience. Finally, Jupiter is at the apex of a yod formation with Neptune and Pluto. Our creativity has to be accomplished within a more encompassing social and spiritual context.  50% off Astro Library subscriptions through August 31 and get a reading with LeRoy for only $75.

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Forecast for August 14-21, 2014

An active Mars in powerful Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn as the weekend begins. Mars In Scorpio is a major theme with August aspects to Jupiter (square), trines to Chiron and Neptune and will finally end up conjunct Scorpio Saturn later this month. These aspects can feel stressful on a personal level because Scorpio will always engage our deepest emotional yearnings and there is always temptation to act and resolve issues in a distorted fashion such as power over games or playing the betrayor. We also have the Sun and Mercury entering analytical Virgo this week. Finally, The influence of Jupiter’s waxing inconjunct to Neptune remains. The lifelong search for new levels of truth is enhanced by this transit. Honor all the pathways back to Source and forgive rather than judge. Also, get on our Astro News list to receive a free download of our recent Cardinal Grand Cross webinar event.

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Forecast for August 6-13, 2014

Mars trines Neptune setting up an interesting week. Mars/Neptune hits always manifest as some version of “Honesty in Action”. This is particularly compelling with most of the inner planets in late Cancer or Leo squaring Mars/Saturn in Scorpio. Fixed fire has a hard time compromising and the weekend ahead is full of that elemental mix. Mars and Saturn in Scorpio gets to the deepest core of our intimate relationships where we can feel powerful and vulnerable all at once. This can also help us to understand what is outmoded or what is now done in relationship. Trust in this combination to guide you. What needs to be re-vamped to begin again? Because the Scorpio conjunction also squares the full moon in Aquarius, intensity, excitement and dramatic group interactions will all be featured. Then, Venus ingresses Leo August 12 – September 5 wanting a bit more attention. Finally, we begin next weekend with a deeper, more penetrating search for information that will reveal new levels of truth in our lives. Retrograde Leo Jupiter and Pisces Neptune help reveal where blindspots and corruption in a system of consensus news and controlled media events keep us in the dark. Take time to gather information intuitively and be wary to judge the obvious.

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Forecast for July 31 – August 6, 2014

Venus is quite active as she reverberates the Cardinal t-square energy with Capricorn Pluto and Uranus freshly retrograde in Aries. She also will push our emotional buttons with her water trine to Scorpio Saturn and Piscean Chiron and then square the nodal axis next week. We may feel like busting out or hiding out all at once. Tap in to your essential needs and honor those, but be aware of any imbalance. Adding to the possible confusion, Neptune makes yin aspects to the nodes. Always create from an inner foundation of strength and understanding. Saturn’s trine to Chiron will assist in this regard. Mars will square Jupiter in Leo and remain in Scorpio until September 14. Be intentional and less flamboyant to reduce the chances for power plays. Finally, Mercury ingresses Leo and will proudly conjunct Jupiter there. Be wary of too much self focus. Celebrate the creativity you observe in others and the world. If you will, prosperity and abundance will return to you this week manifold. Catch up on all the recent forecasting webinars on the website. You get a lot of formats (MP3-Video-Slides) and value for learning on the go.

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Forecast for July 24-31, 2014

The inner planets will remain quite active this summer as the focus shifts to all things Leonian. Sun conjuncts Jupiter in early Leo and the new moon is at 4 degrees Leo. How is the spark of creativity coming forth in you? That Jupiter in aspect to Chiron may throw a bit of water on the fire, and yet, we all wish to be noticed as special. Mercury at 16 Cancer activates the water trine causing us to analyze our thoughts and feelings a bit more than usual. If we have completed sufficient inner work, Venus in Cancer will emanate a deep love from within you. However, her opposition to Pluto serves to remind us that our outer world is only as fulfilling as the inner world we have created. The key will be to observe what you are attracting this weekend – more trauma drama? or magnetic and synchronous rendezvous?

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Forecast for July 17-24, 2014

Uranus turns retrograde in Aries (16-12 degrees) until December 22 and we will most certainly re-visit all the issues around liberating ourselves from the status quo. Also this week, Saturn turns stationary direct in the middle degrees of Scorpio. Mars will also ingress Scorpio. We have ample opportunity to metamorphose any limitations on our journey towards complete emotional responsibility. Jupiter will be in Leo until August 2015 and you can still participate live in our webinar series now scheduled for July 21 & 22. See how this fiery combination of energies will spark our creativity for this next year. Finally, an active Mercury will oppose Pluto and activate the cardinal t-square with Uranus. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will now reflect that cardinal grand cross energy back to us. How well are you waking up? How well are you allowing Source energy to express through you? Please join us for the Jupiter in Leo series and then Uranus Retrograde July 28, 6-8pm MDT.

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Forecast for July 10-17, 2014

The Full Moon in Capricorn will aspect all other planets, square the nodal axis, and activate the Grand Cross again. The dominant theme is about balancing our needs and recognizing that those needs also exist with the sacred other. This is called emotional maturity. Mars direct is conjunct the north node so a very activated weekend that could result in co-operation or perhaps bring more war. The Sun is also square the nodes so there is a certain protectionism or nationalism flavor – Us vs. Them.
This tension will be mediated by the water trine and a Mars Venus trine that will allow for effective expressions if the mature effort is made. What creations were you responsible for this time 12 years ago? (fall 2002). We are at the ingress of another Jupiter in Leo cycle that lasts until August 2015. Find out how you will expand into your next level of creativity and join us for our discounted 4-hour webinar series July 16 & 17 6-8 pm MDT. Enroll on our website on the Forecasting Webinar page.

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