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Forecast for June 20-27, 2013

The Sun and Jupiter conjunction in late Gemini wound us up with summer activity and now we have the inner planets and the Sun ingress Cancer with Jupiter there as well. It is a feeling journey this summer for all of us. Mercury retrograde is also in the mix so slow down and honor your process.

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Forecast for June 6-13, 2013

The new Moon in Sagittarius is joined by a powerful water trine with Neptune, Saturn retrograde and Venus in Cancer. Mercury and Venus makes harsh aspects to outer planets. A good weekend to relax without the crowds or at the very least drive with extra caution.

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Forecast for May 30 June 6, 2013

Mercury and Venus ingress into emotional Cancer. Mars is catching up in Gemini. Neptune, Chiron, and  Mercury experience retrogrades in June so the mix is requiring inner congruency. Enroll in our Astro Newsletter to receive a link to the free Jupiter in Cancer webinar June 17, 6pm MDT.

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Forecast for May 23-30, 2013

The Full Moon in Sag is a Lunar Eclipse squaring Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Learn more about what this emotional energy in the mutable quadrant means. Save the date: Monday, June 17 6pm MDT for our free live interactive webinar on Jupiter’s ingress into Cancer. Must be on the Astro News newsletter list (at EAN bottom of pages) to receive link.

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Forecast for May 9-16, 2013

Venus will lead Mercury into Gemini encouraging us to act on the modified values we refined as the inner planets plodded through Taurus.  Finances and relating are in focus. Kim Marie offers a 33% discount on readings. Check out using coupon code: starlady

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Forecast for April 17-24, 2013

Sun, Venus, Mars, then Mercury will enter Taurus and mellow the energy somewhat. However, the opposition of these inner planets to Saturn in Scorpio will demand emotional integration. Congratulations and welcome to Jinny Rodrigo who is the newest graduate of the Course. Jinny has been mentored by Mark Jones, Director of the UK school.

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