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Forecast for January 11-18, 2017

The Full Moon of Cancer creates a cardinal grand cross in the sky re-emphasizing this new year theme of “considered activism”
Mercury direct in Capricorn through Feb. 2nd, will also activate that cardinal square as the messenger god travels over the first 15* of Capricorn for the third time and favorably aspects the nodes of the Moon bringing a certain clarity to our decisions.
Venus conjuncts Neptune at 10* Pisces. Assess what is most important to you and then feel the vibration of that deeply. This will determine how you will act upon your needs, wants and desires moving forward this year.
Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Mars will aspect Pluto, Uranus, Chiron, Jupiter and Saturn all in the span of one calendar week. New insights, a new two-year cycle of core healing, and some adjustments in our attitude towards compromise will be necessary to avoid the old power and control games on this ever-evolving personal and collective journey to the core of our Souls.

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Forecast for January 4-11, 2017

2017, the Year of Activism, begins with a distinct Aquarian flavor after Uranus moves ever forward after a five month retrograde, now direct at 21* Aries. The lower octave of Uranus, Mercury, also goes direct this week in Sagittarius, on Jan 8th. This retrograde period in Capricorn found many of us (StarLady and MediaMonk) replacing appliances and hardware of all types, repairing vehicles, doors and windows, all Mercury/ Capricorn archetypes.
However, the big picture connected to the small stuff of Mercury, is the Sun conjunct Pluto at 17* Capricorn. Mundane resolutions aside, this represents tremendous power to re-birth the creative principle within our Souls.
Helping to energize this is the Sun making aspects to Aries Uranus direct (waning square) and Libra Jupiter (waxing square)
What new pathways must be forged? What needs to be released? It just may come down to our intuitive notions about the friends and acquaintances we hold dear. With the Full Moon of Cancer Jan. 12th, decide this New Year who nourishes you and what holds you back on the always exciting journey to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for December 29 – January 4, 2017

As we exit 2016, Uranus, the planet ruling surprises and technology, goes direct at 21* Aries adding an Aquarian punch to the New Year. What aspects of life are you needing to liberate yourself from? What old conditioning patterns are you clinging to for security reasons that really are just holding you back? This is important to ponder as a core theme, for Uranus SD will be in the ingress chart for 2017.
Another core theme involves Mars and Neptune, conjunct now at 10* Pisces. Impatient Mars wandering through the Neptunian fog can become frustrated easily. Watch the tendency to over-do this holiday as excess in food, drugs and alcohol can certainly occur as compensation. Adding emotional emphasis is the Moon conjunct Mars/Neptune on Jan. 2nd. Moderation will help avoid post-holiday blues and depression; another classic Pisces archetype.
Finally, Venus ingresses Pisces from Jan. 2 – Feb. 2 and Mercury regresses into Sagittarius for about a week before marching forward again. What ultimate, meaningful values are you re-connecting with at year’s end? Mercury retro in mutable Sag will guide you truthfully for the highest and best to be revealed to you as we re-set and refresh ourselves on the next level of growth for our Soul in 2017.

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Forecast for December 23-28, 2016

Jupiter and Saturn’s last conjunction in May 2000, in Taurus, was all about
a deeper understanding of the many resources we sometimes take for granted
in our lives. Now, at the close of 2016, and three quarters of a cycle
later, both social planets are in a waning phase to the outer planets,
indicating a finishing up, or resolution and completion of those resource
and survival themes.
Jupiter’s waning inconjuncts to Chiron and Neptune has helped to review and
refine the spiritual understandings we have attempted to grasp this cycle.
Now, Jupiter in Libra’s opposition to Uranus could sow some relationship
rebellions and impatience with conflicting opinions.
Saturn’s waning trine to Uranus and its waning square to Chiron may
manifest as disillusionment and a feeling of powerlessness, or, perhaps we
will all summon new courage to call out misogyny and racism and exclusive
politics when they appear.
One thing is for sure, Mars is compressed between Pluto and Uranus and
aspects Jupiter as well, so we all are feeling the pressure to act. Between
now and the end of the year, decide the best course of action that you will
undertake in the New Year individually and collectively. Integrity and
Compassion with those actions will be demanded for success as Mars
conjuncts Neptune in Pisces and begins a new two year cycle for inspiration
and guidance.

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Forecast for December 15-21, 2016

Celebrate the return of the light and the Sun this Winter Solstice! No coincidence that the traditional religious holiday co-opted the pagan celebration of the shortest day of the year.
Sun in Capricorn mantra: “I achieve my goals with emotional self-reliance”
Mars moves reluctantly into Pisces Dec. 19 – Jan. 27th and wonders what there is to do in this nebulous, floaty water sign. Reflect on those choices that made you most happy in 2016 and focus your conscious efforts there. It is no less than a new re-birth of the desire nature for all of us.
We shall also have a Mercury Retrograde Dec. 19th – Jan. 8th retracing the first 15* of Capricorn. A variety of parent-child themes could re-appear for the holidays. Maintain emotional homeostasis as many of us are challenged as we become the parent to our parents!
Finally, the end of this year is ripe with themes of truth versus falsities. Fact-checked information and real, deep conversations are highlighted with Jupiter opposing Uranus and Sag Saturn trine Uranus, as well. Build upon the conscious growth and discoveries you have evolved into exiting 2016, and create this as your own Happy New Year!

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Forecast for December 7-13, 2016

The Full Moon in Gemini this weekend shines emphasis on communications and our continual sifting through information in the search for real truth. This Sun Moon opposition at 22* Gemini/Sag is augmented by Mercury’s waning sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Hear what is being said (or written) on deep intuitive levels. This theme is further enhanced by the Saturn Sun conjunction in Sagittarius at 19* and Sag’s ruler, Jupiter, at 18* Libra in a waning sextile to the Sun. New cycles of integrating truth vs. lies is upon us, necessitating the development of perceptivity and patience with others and other’s opinions.
The Sun’s waning trine to Uranus in Aries fires up personal rewards if we have been tapping in and turning on to Source and avoiding the noise.
Finally this week, we also have strong Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter and Chiron transits for later this month in time for the holidays. Finding the truth shall set you free and yet these collective symbols will demand that you must do so within groups and relationships. Ask for your inspiration and re-alignment with a co-creative intent. Heal the distance!

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Forecast for November 23-30, 2016

The holiday comes in the nick of time reminding StarLady and MediaMonk that gratitude is indeed a high vibration of thanksgiving and perhaps an avenue to inner peace.
The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius re-emphasizes the Sag mantra of understanding the relativity of truth with others. We must be grateful and recognize the diversity of voices at the dinner table and in society. Appreciate and listen to other perspectives this weekend. Ask “What would you have me know Source?” Meditate and listen further as Mercury trine Uranus – square Chiron brings answers out of the blue your way that lead to joy.
Relationships could be tested with Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, making its first of three waning squares to Pluto (and Venus now) in Capricorn. Will you compromise or want to be in control of all the conversations and activities? This recurring theme continues throughout the year with Jupiter’s second retrograde hit in March and the final passage in September. Get the full detail package by joining our 2017 Forecast and Beyond webinar Dec. 14, 6-8 pm MT. Enrollments available now on the forecasting webinars page.
The Sag New Moon also squares the nodal axis and Neptune. A double message this week on our essential search for truth.
Finally, the Capricorn Venus squares Uranus. There is a certain urgency to find the groups and resources that make sense for us right now. We hope you will find that here at EAN, as we travel together on our never-ending and unique journeys to the core of the Soul.

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Forecast for November 16-23, 2016

Choosing to find post-election equilibrium, StarLady re-commits to sharing important information from an evolved perspective of sharing, giving and inclusion.
Neptune direct at 9* Pisces continues to sow confusion and doubt, forcing us to ask: “What do I believe?” “Why do I feel victimized?” “What do I need to release from within?”
Sag Mercury conjunct Saturn will square Neptune pushing our truth buttons. Real focus and a search for objective information beyond the the inherent bias of internet trolls will certainly be important now to dispel and evaporate this temporary Neptunian fog.
Sun in Sagittarius says: “I understand the relativity of truth with others”
Finally, Jupiter squares Pluto at 16* Libra-Capricorn. This is the last quarter phase of these two planets and re-emphasizes the crisis in consciousness being felt and experienced by many on this uneven and sometimes disorienting journey to the core of the Soul.

Ellen Brown: Trump’s 1$ Trillion Infrastructure Plan

Jonathan Smucker: Right-Wing Vs. Progression Populism

Dr Mercola: Don’t Panic About Politics

Chad Shoop: The Market-Crushing Elephant
Not publicly available – listen to podcast comments.

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Forecast for November 10-16, 2016

Mars entering Aquarius late election night surely brought in the November surprise. The nation is now experiencing shock and trauma and a real uncertainty about how the rhetoric coming from the President-elect will manifest. Neptune on the South Node square Saturn in Sagittarius also reflects the shake up in beliefs and truths. This points to the polarity of North Node in Virgo so we shall just pick ourselves up and move forward one step at a time.

Uranus is the real mover and shaker and you can source similar periods in history  (Industrial Revolution circa 1820) when masses were displaced due to the mechanization of society. Now, since Uranus/Neptune conjunctions in 1993 at 19-20 Capricorn, the reality of the technological age has caused similar seismic shifts from goods production to an information and service-based economy. Trump may not bring any jobs back unless this big picture is understood and the necessary adjustments are made.

Uranus in Aries has been making last quarter squares to Mercury in the US chart contributing to the nationalistic and racist fervor. Pluto’s opposition to Mercury in Cancer (both are retrograde natally in the US chart) is exposing the split and emphasizing further confrontations and demonstrations. Venus is in Capricorn from November 11 – December 7th. So, while you may be feeling somewhat melancholy, consider what is fiscally responsible and decide accordingly.

Mercury in Sagittarius will expose certain facts that appear contrary to our deepest personal truths. StarLady is on a roll this forecast as she has been finding equilibrium again for herself. She invites you to share this podcast – especially as many are searching for what this means and how to move forward.

Full Moon in Taurus – a SuperMoon at 22* Scorpio-Taurus – will certainly allow all these conflicted and powerful emotions to continue to be felt and expressed personally and collectively all weekend and beyond. May you be blessed and fulfilled on the journey to the core of your Soul.

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