Forecast for January 8-15, 2014

Mars in Libra searches for inspired action in this New Year. Saturn’s sextile to the Capricorn Sun and Venus necessitates a new level of maturity in career and money matters. Feel your way towards the full moon next Wednesday. What that process reveals will be your New Year’s barometer on work yet be done. You can still order the video recording and downloads of the extensive 2 hour 2014 Forecast.

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Forecast for January 1-8, 2014

The New Moon, Mercury and  Sun join Venus  retrograde conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Mars in Libra will reflect our relationship growth while Jupiter retrograde in Cancer will empower us emotionally, if we have done our work. Take the time to ponder and assess this grand cross. A little effort goes along way. Be determined to lighten up and have fun with it all in the New Year.

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Forecast for December 26 – January 2, 2014

The Uranus-Pluto bass note that we have been adjusting to is activated by the Mercury Sun Venus stellium in Capricorn square Mars in Libra. A good time to celebrate your own personal maturation process. Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries so impulsive and reactive responses may not be tolerated well. Remember to designate a driver for New Years parties. The 2014 Forecast is available for your live participation. Attend our webinar and get all the important transits in a 2 hour event. The video and MP3 recording is included with your enrollment so no worries if you miss the live event January 6, 2014 at 6pm MST.

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Forecast for December 19-26, 2013

Sun, Venus Retrograde and Mercury make a firm stand in Capricorn with Pluto there. Uranus freshly direct in Aries is sparking clues how best to liberate from the old ways. Lots of opportunity to honor all of the various paths to Universal Source in a holiday season that usually promotes more superficial goals than the gift of enlightenment. Use coupon code – student – upon checkout for any Segment of the MultiMedia Course. With the added benefits like online streaming and downloads and monthly webinar classes, we most likely will not discount materials in 2014. Take the journey to the core of your Soul for the holidays and become a Registered student at EAN.

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Forecast for December 12-19, 2013

Jupiter in Cancer makes some powerful yet lesser observed aspects to Saturn and Neptune. Uranus direct on the Full Moon of Gemini will definitely increase the amperage this week leading up to the winter solstice. Space for the live webinar is limited so get registered for Venus Retrograde in Capricorn, Monday Dec.16 6pm MST. Website for details.

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Forecast for December 5-12, 2013

StarLady emphasizes the current transits through her recent experience as a juror for a federal conspiracy case. Saturn in Scorpio anyone? Mars in Libra will activate relationship growth as a conscious theme for 8 months with its long residence in Libra. Sign up for the Venus Rx in Capricorn webinar scheduled for Monday December 16, 6pm MST just $15 live including the video recording afterwards.

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Forecast for November 28 – December 5, 2013

The middle 9-14 degrees of the mutable and cardinal quadrants are activated. Venus opposes Jupiter retrograde in Cancer on the holiday. Mercury and the New Moon in Sagittarius will add some heat to our search for truth and meaning. Coupon code – student – gets you $50 off any segment of the course. Coupon code – conference – another $25 off all the ARS 2013 conference lectures in all formats and unlimited time.

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Forecast for November 21-28, 2013

The Sun moves into Sagittarius and Mercury and Venus are dancing around it aspecting Saturn and Jupiter. Look for our $5 streaming video special on the website on Chiron by Maurice Fernandez and the Grand Cross of 2014 – Evolution of Structural Reform by Scott Wolfram. All formats and downloads included.

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Forecast for November 14-21, 2013

The Taurus Full Moon high in the evening sky will emphasize and reflect core issues related to survival. Neptune and Chiron stationary direct in Pisces may be more nebulous, but powerful sub-conscious yearnings may now be realized with attunement nonetheless. Virgo Mars waxing sextile to Cancer Jupiter is the leading edge of our consciousness. Feel your way through important decisions right now.

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Forecast for November 7-14, 2013

The veils of consciousness have been thinning for some time and when Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune change directions in the water signs, ample energy and opportunity for emotional healing is available. Where does your resistance lie and are you projecting rather than growing?

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